About Us

Melrose Computing Solutions is a software development company providing a wide range of expertise. We are passionate about our work. Whether it’s leveraging cutting edge technology or integrating and maintaining legacy systems we have the team with the skills to help.

Founded in 2008 by Director Michael Ayles the aim was to provide quality software development through excellent engineering practices and in-depth knowledge of various platforms and hardware.

From humble beginnings we started in the mobile sector developing bespoke applications on all the major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This perspective allowed us to truely understand the huge demands that millions of devices put on backend infrastructure. Today we build highly scalable web-based architectures capable of serving millions of devices.

Today our ambition remains the same, building quality products tailored to our customers’ requirements.

At Melrose our team is our core asset. It comprises of highly experienced engineers who are able to bring their technical expertise to the fore to design innovative end-to-end solutions.